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Path of Exile Made Easier

All of your POE data in one place along with convenient tools to find builds, value/sell items, and discover new currency strategies.

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Our track record

Used by thousands of exiles everyday.

We have a large userbase of players already using our site to track their characters, value their stash, and sell their items.

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All your items in one place

Select tabs or index your entire stash, PoeStack will keep track of all your items combined with our pricing data we'll help you find value you didn't know you had.

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Live Pricing.
We constantly index all public stashes to keep our price data up to date.
Easy Bulk Sales.
Export your data to the forum shop or click a single button to post it on TFT.
Full Stash Search.
Search your entire stash, filter by tabs, or view tabs in the tab viewer.
Value History.
Track your value over time with manual and automatic snapshots.
Bring your own prices.
Enable overrides and enter your own prices, they'll apply to all exports and totals.
Discover value.
Totals breakdowns provided by tab and item category.

Fully Open Source

All PoeStack code is publicly available on Github. We believe people should be able to see how their data is being used and verify how market data is being calculated. Being open source also means anyone is welcome to contribute code!

Ladder & Snapshots

A Ladder for Everyone

When you connect your account our system will start tracking and snapshotting all of your characters. They will appear on the ladder no matter their level or time of creation.

Snapshots on Demand
Got a big upgrade? Take a snapshot! You can view snapshots of all the characters on the ladder to see how their gear progressed throughout a league.
Find Builds
Search the ladder, filter by skills, infinite pages. See how the meta is evolving and find the perfect next build.
Custom Ladders
Want a ladder that is just you and your friends? Create a custom ladder, add any other PoeStack users and have some friendly competition.
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Reduce Friction, Increase Trust

TFT Integrations

The Forbidden Trove is the largest POE Discord with 400 thousand members, offering many services from bulk selling to boss carries. We integrate with TFT to give you a smoother and safer trade experince.

TFT One-Click
Select items, pick a category, click Post to TFT. The server will generate a message and post it in the correct channel letting you get back to mapping faster.
TFT Live-Search
TFT has over 300 channels, we index many of them and let you search them in one place. Buy bulk compasses, find five-way carries, and soon much more.
Fight Scams and Price Fixers
TFT has 50+ moderators who handle hundreds of scam/price fixing reports a week, combined with the rep system you can be confident when trust is needed.
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Consistent Updates

Future Plans

As you explore the site you'll find a variety of features, all with the aim of increasing information and making your POE experience more enjoyable. We are committed to continuing to expand the site and would love feedback. Feel free to log an issue or join our Discord to let us know what you would like to see on the site next.

Help support the project

PoeStack is totally free using Ads and Patreon to pay for the server costs and storage. All tiers remove Ads from the site and come with some fun side benfits. None of these benefits will ever give a competitive advantage they are meant to be fun ways to show off your support. We're thankful for anyone who helps support the project in any amount.



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Everything in Silver, plus help guide the roadmap of future features on PoeStack.

  • Remove all Ads
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  • Increased storage for character snapshots
  • Previews of upcoming features and higher weight of input on what is built next